Half-Day Road Trip on the Omani Coast: Bimmah & Qantab

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  1. Renata says:

    Obviously, I was first thinking of vast deserts. Wasn’t even aware that there is such a huge beach and other waters. However, the plastic trash breaks my heart – actually, we should point out more of this in our blogs to raise awareness. Great post!

    • Teja says:

      This is why I encourage people to travel as themselves – do their own thing, look for things they personally like, instead of go where they’re pointed. I simply encounter different people and different things when I go to places other travellers and bloggers have already been and written about. Travel is really a function of how you see, and not what to see!

      And yes, I think we should highlight things we see at destinations that are reflective of common global trends. As travellers, we are well placed to notice such patterns. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t mention something, people assume it’s not important. But if you do mention it, even if only factually, we signal that it matters.

  2. Justine says:

    I’m fascinated by Oman and loved reading your insights and I didn’t know about this sinkhole that can be visited.

  3. Yukti Agrawal says:

    I love Oman for its natural beauties and wonderful water areas. This sinkhole is really amazing and even its drive. I too enjoyed the drive and the beauty of sinkhole. Even I too liked the rocky beaches of Qantab.

    • Teja says:

      I think Oman is the reason that I realised deserts have their own kind of beauty, and that somehow it bestows a different feeling to the watery parts. (The amazing geology doesn’t hurt too).

  4. Ket says:

    I have been planning to visit Oman for a while. I now can get a visa, so will visit hopefully next year. Coastline fascinates me a lot, as well as Nizwa and surrounding areas. As for the authenticity lost because of the development of tourism, that’s just an unfortunate consequence, which I highly doubt can be avoided. The problem are the vacationers (or whatever anyone would wanna call it), not the true travelers. Most people unfortunately visit other countries just to relax on the beach, be in the resorts and maybe do an excursion or two for photos. This is the main reason of overtourism, but honestly, there seems to be nothing to be done about it.

    • Teja says:

      I’ve nothing against relaxing on beach resorts. I see the two kinds of trips as totally different, with the first one being more valuable, but I myself still do the vacation kind on occasion. I think that if a nation can *only* provide for its people through tourism, then you’re right. But it would be a shame, because over time that means everything about a people becomes commodified for tourism marketing, and whatever does not have this value becomes devalued in the society.

  5. Jay Artale says:

    Rocky coastlines are the best places to explore. You never know what you’re going to find in the tide pools. You can spend hours exploring them, and it’s like being transported back to being a kid, when you have all the time in the world and each step is a little voyage of discovery.

  6. Georgina says:

    Have been coming across a few posts on Oman – sounds like an incredible part of the world. Never thought of exploring Oman before. Your experience of sunset boat excursion from Qantab beach sounds fascinating and would be my kind of thing.

    • Teja says:

      Oman has a laidback, non-uptight, unconfrontational way to it that I like. In terms of pizazz maybe it doesn’t have as much as some Gulf neighbours. But, what I remember the most was how the migrant service staff (like in cafes and reception desks) carried themselves with self-assurance and like they’re the same as people they’re serving (idk how to say it better, hopefully you get what I mean). To me, that’s really what makes a country incredible, the evidence that lower status demographies are nonetheless treated with grace.

  7. Slavka says:

    The coast looks very scenic and worth seeing. When I travel to these parts of the world I make sure to incorporate a coastal trip into the itinerary. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    • Teja says:

      Haha yeah! I have a marine bias, so even when I make trips to mountains and deserts, I will somehow end up discovering water-side stuff!

  8. Jen Ambrose says:

    I keep hearing more and more about Oman – it looks like such an incredible place to travel, and I would love to do a road trip like this!

    • Teja says:

      It’s a very road-trippable country. I’ve only seen a small part of it, easily reached from Muscat. But it’s been good.

  9. Thola says:

    Beautiful. I’ve never explored this part of the world. Thanks for sharing.

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