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Anywhere With You | I Love in Getaways | travel romance poetry | personal growth | travel reflection | let's go travelling | Teja on the Horizon 5

Anywhere, Away With You

Come let’s go out and play! I understand now, why they call it being ‘re-born’. Looking back, the stages that I passed since taking the leap into change almost 5 years ago, seem very like...

Dhoni on a sea swell | overcast Maldives | whale shark survey | MWSRP | Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme | Teja on the Horizon 3

Yin Yang and Boomerang

Your heart is ever roaming And mine is never home Yin and yang And boomerang But I rule upon where you’re going And you judge me where I’m from. You see all people as...

2016 Lunar eclipse covered by cloud | Perhentian Islands, Malaysia 2

The Lost Wings

The Lost Wings   I did not believe you when you insisted My wings were beautiful. In the water I have seen them reflected – And they were muddy as the river. But you, how...

wabisabi kintsugi 4

Mortal @ Wabi-Sabi

Don’t call me an angel. Don’t look Right into the light. It will wash in your every nook And does not need your sight. Rather see the vessel. Can you see Where the light...

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