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Quite recently, it was a time in my life when mountain-loving colleagues keep coming in my life.

There was my colleague-turned-friend, who used to hike the mountains in the Philippines. Until her legs would no longer bear her on such strenuous activity.

There was the peer-turned-colleague who designed my Derbyshire itinerary for me, while I was deep in my Blue Period.

Then there was the colleague-turned-stranger who lit my exit from the Blue Period. The mountain biker, who went on to tour the world. It was this last one – keeping to the rule of threes – who finally pushed me to Annapurna.

I had never really done multi-day trekking before. And I don’t think I would have done it, if I hadn’t learned to go for something first, and work out how later the year before. So I did that again with Annapurna – I thought it was now or never, and I’d figure out how later.

Once again, it was an epic trip. I went in one person and came home another, levelling up again.

Why did I trek in the monsoon?

No mysterious reason. It was a time that my job could spare me, and it was the warmest time in the year.

But the outcome of that decision was the chance to glimpse Annapurna as she is in her abundant summer glory – the overflowing life, and magical mists.

So here is my 10-part series describing to you those things of Annapurna that a non-trekker like me remembers from her senses. All through to the Base Camp, all through the monsoon, and back down again.

Begin from Day 1.