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When I decided to start writing a travel blog, I had a pretty clear idea why, and for what purpose. So after I wrote my blog article for MWSRP, I began Teja on the Horizon with some stories from travels that were fresh in mind, thoughts and poetry that were current, and wrote about sustainability.

But I quickly realised that, while I had entered a new phase in my life, I hadn’t really got to know the new me. I couldn’t seem to get comfortable writing about my recent travelling.

It was as though I had no context. My feet could not find solid ground. And I did not know to whom I was speaking. Or who as. So the stories seemed untethered, and couldn’t be written from my heart.

So I decided to reach back, back into the time when I began to travel again, after my divorce – my ‘Blue Period’. And I discovered that during those travels – not too noteworthy on the outside – I re-made myself.

In writing out those travel stories, I walked that path again, but this time with the reflections of hindsight.

And when my tales reached all the way back to my time in the Maldives, I found that I am now up to speed – with myself.


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These are the stories of personal growth through travel, during the Teja Blue Period.

'Bushwalking the Cliffside Trails in Katoomba' travel story on mindful travel blog Teja on the Horizon | View of the sandstone cliffs | Katoomba hiking | Blue Mountains bushwalking | Australia 19

Bushwalking the Cliffside Trails in Katoomba

My friend and I did some bushwalking when we were in the Blue Mountains. (Because you can’t go to the outdoors in Australia and not go bushwalking!) So we looked up the cliffside trails in Katoomba, reviewing the tremendously...

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