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When I decided to start writing a travel blog, I had a pretty clear idea why, and for what purpose. So after I wrote my blog article for MWSRP, I began Teja on the Horizon with some stories from travels that were fresh in mind, thoughts and poetry that were current, and wrote about sustainability.

But I quickly realised that, while I had entered a new phase in my life, I hadn’t really got to know the new me. I couldn’t seem to get comfortable writing about my recent travelling.

It was as though I had no context. My feet could not find solid ground. And I did not know to whom I was speaking. Or as whom. So the stories seemed untethered, and couldn’t be written from my heart.

So I decided to reach back, back into the time when I began to travel again, after my divorce – my ‘Blue Period’. And I discovered that it was during those travels – that seemed to be not too noteworthy on the outside – that I re-made myself.

In writing out those travel stories, I walked that path again, but this time with the reflections of hindsight.

And when these tales reached my time in the Maldives, I found that I am now up to speed – with myself.


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These are the stories of personal growth through travel, during the Teja Blue Period.