My first set of sustainability articles doesn’t involve buying anything. I made this call because I knew a lot of people who haven’t even gotten far enough on their environmental awareness, to want to commit to that. Generally, sustainability advocates don’t talk to this group at all, and when they do, it’s to judge them.
So I thought to myself, what are the changes you’d have to go through, before you become ready to take the sustainability journey? And I felt that it boils down to the three topics I cover in this series. One is about re-taking control of your consciousness and becoming aware of your impact. The next one is about changing the way you engage with people when travelling. And the last one, perhaps the most important one, is about igniting the ability to care about something beyond yourself.
This article series is meant for people who are at the very beginning of the sustainability journey, when you have an interest – but not much else. I do not focus on sustainability things to do, but rather on habits related to mindset change, i.e. to the sustainable mindset which will be able to appreciate the to-do list.