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Welcome to the Horizon.

This website is about travel, and its relationship to personal growth. I draw from my journey as a corporate environmental scientist learning to be a science communicator, after realising the world needs that more than additional specialists.

Here, I use my travel stories to share sustainability habits, and how that translates into insight when you engage with the world. In specific sections of the website, I discuss sustainability in the context of the civilisation we live in, rather than as just single-issue topics. In this way I hope to communicate the experience you would get from a professional applied sustainability international career, which may not be very accessible to most people.

I hope by making visible the way that I’ve grown, it leads you to create new ways to make our future sustainable. 


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Go here to learn more about why I founded this website, and the philosophy of Teja on the Horizon.

I have had the privilege of travel in my life, and I think it’s the best kind. Here are the articles from more recent places I’ve been.

It was late when I realised I did not travel as sustainably as my daily life. Find all my resources and change experience here.

Have they then, never journeyed about the earth, letting their hearts gain wisdom, and causing their ears to hear?

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