Two things that I have always loved are travel and writing. Since I chose to create this blog with a fairly specific theme, not everything I discover in my travels, or every story I have to tell, will be a good fit for my own blog. 

That’s when I seek to write them for other websites and publications! And even if they are a fit for my blog, I still sometimes offer them to other sites with a compatible mission.

Occasionally, I also write on commission if the job fits with my schedule. Go here for more information.

Regular Publications

There are a few websites I end up regularly writing for. Travelmag focuses on the fleeting and the banal parts of travel, which I think gives you a more immediate sense of a place. These short pieces are too random for Teja on the Horizon, so I’m perfectly happy to home them there.

I came to work with Written From because I liked the idea of their website. Some of these stories would have suited my blog as well. However, I have many stories from my odysseys; sometimes it’s good to publish some of them elsewhere, and thereby have a writing network.

Aside from these, I’ve written for other publications, especially in my prolific 2nd and 3rd years of doing this. Some of them would become a ‘regular’ publication soon (check out Adventure She).

Malaysia Website Awards

Ethical Cashmere | The Original Himalayan Cashmere

I also run the blog and am the main copywriter for the online shopping website, Ethical Cashmere. This is a social enterprise that I helped to set up, and the blog is where we share a little something about life in Kashmir and the Himalayas.


Destinations Magazine, Issue 78 Spring/Summer 2017

Destinations Magazine cover Issue 78 | Marine Conservation in the Perhentian Islands | Author: Nuraini Arsad @ Teja on the Horizon | Outpost Expatriate Support Network
Marine Conservation in the Perhentian Islands (print article)

Adventure She

Adventure She Issue 7 September 2019 | Women exploring the world
Regenerating Heritage – The Mah Meri; Issue 7 September 2019
Qualifying as an Eco Diver; Issue 12 December 2020

NoWhere Else, Issue 2 August 2020

Carbon Offsetting: How to Truly Travel Light (online magazine)

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