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Teja content contributor to female watersport enthusiast website The Salt Sirens
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Two of the things that I have always loved, are travel and writing. Since I chose to create this blog with a fairly specific theme, not everything I discover in my travels, or every story I experience, will be a good fit for my own blog. 

That's when I seek to write them for other websites and publications! And even if they are a fit, I still sometimes offer them to other sites with a compatible mission. Occasionally, I also write on commission if the job fits with my schedule. 

If you like my work and need a writer, or have a project idea you want me to collaborate on - let me know! 

Travelogues and stories published:

She Roams Solo

Om Mani Padme Hum - A Trade for Bracelets in Pokhara

The Salt Sirens

The Maldives Dive Matinee: Manta Ray Bommie Ballet

Travelmag | The Independent Spirit

‘Catch 22’ means no local SIM card for you in provincial India
Easter Island: Sculptures by the Sea
Was I the First Malay on Easter Island?

Written From

The Girl with the Postcards on the Varanasi Ghat
Comparing Mountains at Rano Raraku
My Atacama Souvenir was Painted by the Sun


Seeing Kathmandu Through The Buddha's Wisdom Eyes

Travel Articles published:

Destinations Magazine, Issue 78 Spring/Summer 2017

Marine Conservation in the Perhentian Islands (print article)

Destinations Magazine cover Issue 78 | Marine Conservation in the Perhentian Islands | Author: Nuraini Arsad @ Teja on the Horizon | Outpost Expatriate Support Network

Adventure She, Issue 7 September 2019

Regenerating Heritage - The Mah Meri (online magazine)

Adventure She Issue 7 September 2019 | Women exploring the world

The Salt Sirens

My Hotel Has Fish Feeding: What Do I Do?

Travel Guides published:

Creative Travel Guide

5 Unexpected Places to Visit in Kathmandu

Travelista Club

7 Megalith Sites of Melaka: The Hunt into Myth
The Essential Guide to Georgetown, Penang (And Tips for More!)

Travel Ponders

The World Peace Pagoda of Pokhara, Nepal

Udaipur Kiran

Pokhara for the Non-Trekker: By the Lakeside


4 Reasons Perlis, Malaysia Is Worth A Road Trip

Other Sites: 

I also run the blog and am the main copywriter for the online shopping website, Ethical Cashmere. This is a social enterprise that I helped to set up, and the blog is where we share with our visitors a little something about the cashmere traditional economy in the Himalayas, as well as stories of life in Kashmir and the Himalayas. The stories practically write themselves, that I hesitate to call myself the 'author'! They are interesting reading as travelogues, even if you are not in the market for cashmere. Check them out at ethical-cashmere.com

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