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Welcome to the Horizon. You can send me a note here. I like hearing about other people's sustainability projects, and ideas to collaborate on. 

I do not need blogging services. If you haven't figured it out already, this is not a for-profit blog, and I have no money to pay you!

Guest Posts

If you're interested in writing a guest post for Teja on the Horizon, please understand that the purpose of this website is to promote sustainable travel. Therefore, the only articles that I am interested in would be ones related to some kind of sustainable project, volunteer organisation, business or social enterprise that a traveller or staycationer can contribute to. Your pitch must describe in what way the enterprise is sustainable, and provide references (e.g. website) so that I can take a look.

You must have had personal involvement in this enterprise, whether as a member, customer, volunteer, etc. Your article pitch needs to include this. I'm not looking for a review or brochure; I'm looking for a story.

As the author for the article, you should also provide examples of your writing in English. I may turn down the idea, if I feel that I would be likely to spend too much time editing for language.

I reserve the right not to publish a completed article, although the above screening should not make this necessary.

If I like your idea, you will be sent a more detailed writing guide. And thank you for participating in making our world more sustainable.

Wanna share your thoughts? Work together? Have a question? Send me ideas!

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