In the past couple years, I noticed something that was becoming a great concern for the younger generation. A generation who grew up when climate change has already begun, and the biodiversity loss already acute, would naturally want to do something to fix that. However, I also noticed that the only jobs that they can think of, is in some way related to environmental conservation.
So, some of them actually do pursue this. While others, whose gifts and interests are not in conservation, believe that the jobs they will do have no relevance to sustainability (or worse, be part of the problem). This is far from the case.

A future sustainable world is still a fully-functioning, complex human civilisation. Jobs that are fundamental will continue to exist – farmers, teachers, doctors etc. Future ways of living will require engineers, designers, marketers, economists, accountants, lawyers, etc. to create and sustain them.

Some specialisations will fade, but new specialisations will replace them. An offshore wells engineer may become an offshore wind engineer. A circular economy will require someone to think about the logistics of packaging return. Real estate and civil engineering has as much contribution to ecosystem restoration as rangers and scientists.

But I remember that when I was 18, I didn’t know anything about what jobs are out there. So I’ve decided to create this series as a place for hope and imagination, as well as allow you to see everyone who is needed to make the future sustainable – we will not need conservationists anymore, if every other job is sustainable.