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butterflies in Taman Negara | Valentine's Day | humanitarian ideals

What If We Made the World Our Valentine?

I have never identified with Valentine’s Day. Even when I was not single, and technically had a ‘valentine’. When your reputation for being a brain rather than a beauty is what precedes you, chances are you...

'Superposition' poem on mindful travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Seminyak dark sand beach


Smile at me. And let us speak of mutual friendsAnd ends that shouldn’t justify the meansYet hint at dreams that won’t stay still but bendsAnd forks, and fogs, and determines. How have you played? I...

Bowl repaired with gold using the Japanese kintsugi technique | wabi-sabi kintsugi

Mortal @ Wabi-Sabi

Don’t call me an angel. Don’t lookRight into the light.It will wash in your every nookAnd does not need your sight.Rather see the vessel. Can you seeWhere the light has soldered gold?The cracks in my...

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