In 2019, I decided to write this series because I saw a lot of people who were interested in carbon offsetting, especially travellers, but are confused about what it’s supposed to achieve. There are also a lot of other sustainability issues that get mixed up with it, some of them irrelevant, and I realised a regular person finds it hard to see all it in full context.

So I decided to draw on my professional training to summarise this topic so that the information is easier to understand for a regular person.
I decided to begin with a couple of articles covering basic concepts and the bigger context of the issues, one to walk people through how to calculate a personal carbon footprint, and finish with an article documenting my own carbon footprint over the years.
In between I’ve chosen to describe a set of five categories of carbon projects, selected to give a good range for the different types of climate action to help people appreciate how many industries are affected, and how many ecosystems matter.

I would like to acknowledge Gold Standard and Verra for responding with information and resources that facilitated the writing of this series.

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