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Valparaiso's Unexpected British Chilean Heritage | article on slow travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Chilean flag over Welsh flag over the entrance of Brecons restaurant in Valparaiso 6

Valparaiso's Unexpected British Chilean Heritage

The eerie feeling I had when I began exploring Valparaiso on foot, increased as I wound my way through the converging old streets that steeply descended towards the port. The city felt oddly familiar. It felt a bit like… Newcastle....

"The Moai of They Who Discovered Easter Island" travelogue on Teja on the Horizon slow travel blog | The moai of Ahu Akivi on Easter Island, Chile, looking out towards the sea 4

The Explorers Who Discovered Easter Island

If you had wondered about the explorers who discovered Easter Island, Ahu Akivi is their monument. It was my fifth day on Easter Island. So far, I had managed to get to my top two moai sites: Tahai for the...

'Anakena: Where Easter Island Became Polynesian' travel article on slow travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Anakena beach under a cloudy sky | where the Rapa Nui Polynesians landed on Easter Island | Isla de Pascua, Chile 2

Anakena: Where Easter Island Became Polynesian

We couldn’t go to Poike, after I was finished at Rano Raraku. My taxi driver told me that the volcano peak was closed for visitors, for rehabilitation reasons. So we would go to Anakena beach, where there was another significant...

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