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Okoto Enigma | nomination | inspirational blogger | award winning blog | Teja on the Horizon 1

Teja on the Horizon is a Mystery Blogger!

I was intrigued when Chandrima of Travel Stories Untold nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. I hadn’t heard of this award before, and didn’t think I had the readership to even be noticed for a...

"I Took the Plastic Free July Challenge... in April!" article on sustainable travel blog Teja on the Horizon 8

I Took the Plastic Free July Challenge… in April!

When I left for Nepal, it was at the conclusion of #plasticfreeJuly and #noplasticJuly initiatives which were spreading in quite a few Facebook groups worldwide! So I thought on my return, I’d write a...

butterflies in Taman Negara | Valentine's Day | humanitarian ideals 3

What If We Made the World Our Valentine?

I have never identified with Valentine’s Day. Even when I was not single, and technically had a ‘valentine’. When your reputation for being a brain rather than a beauty is what precedes you, chances are...

hike to muqal cave | Wadi Bani Khalid hiking 22

Wadi Bani Khalid: The Muqal Cave Hiking Game

I hadn’t really meant to hike all the way to the cave. We really meant to be satisfied with only a short trek up the wadi. Just enough to see the pools flanked by the dramatic cliff...

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