Singing Bowls in Nepal: Discovering an Unusual Therapy

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8 Responses

  1. Very nice knowledgeable informations are found in this post. Thanks for your great informative collections.

  2. spirituality nepal says:

    Excellent collection because “The secret of the supernatural impact of Gayatri Mantra in the physical domains of life lies in its unique configuration of the specific syllables “. Thanks for your great collections.

  3. Kaylene Isherwood says:

    Wow, what a unique experience. I really enjoyed reading about this as I hadn’t heard about singing bowl sound therapy. But I’d love to visit Nepal and try this.

  4. Taryn says:

    On my trip to Nepal we visited one of the shops in Kathmandu that sells the singing bowls and spent some time there learning about them. We brought a few home and my husband uses them in his meditation practice. But experiencing singing bowl therapy in Nepal sounds like such a cool experience!

    • Teja says:

      Oh wow! I find it quite hard to keep going on my little bowl – it takes some practice to keep the wrist movement regular, otherwise it starts to scrape rather than sweep, you know? But I guess, that’s kind of the meditative part!

  5. Sage Scott says:

    This was an absolutely fascinating read. This sounds like such a cool experience!