Volunteering travel is one of the most enriching types of travel that you can do. And I’m not even talking about your contribution to the volunteering project. If you’re new to slow travel, or are apprehensive about independent travel, this is a great option.
You would often be placed within local communities, and interact with NGOs. It would immediately give you a different way of seeing a tourist destination. You would have new friendships from fellow volunteers, which is a far easier ask for introverts than other types of independent travel.
This section contains the stories from my volunteering trips, which all revolve around marine conservation.

Social Enterprises

An unexpected thing happened, as I explored running this travel blog, and tried to grow my communication skills for sustainability advocacy. People began reaching out to me – not just for help, but also to offer it. Opportunities ‘meant’ for people I met in my travels came my way. I took them, and began linking people together and boost sustainability and social enterprise projects.
You can also find in this section stories about social enterprise projects that I am involved in somehow, as a result of my travel and blogging efforts.

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