Mobbed by Deadly Cows Hiking Monsal Dale Trail!

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20 Responses

  1. Peak district looks amazing. Loved the trail and views are stunning. Looked hilarious that you had encountered so many cows. But yes truely sometimes it could be dangerous too. Liked your memes though.

  2. Perri says:

    I have never been to the Peak District (im such a bad Brit) your photos are amazing and it sure does look like beautiful countryside so I must check this out. I love your cow encounter stories, they really didn’t like you being in the territory huh!

    • Teja says:

      Oh God I never would have gone except that my friend begged me to accompany her to Barnsley. And then I felt like I never wanted to leave the Peak District! It feels like…. hm, like the Shire! All wholesome and green and welcoming.

  3. Hazel says:

    People absolutely underestimate how fiesty cows can be (and how huge they are). I’m sorry I laughed when the cows were licking you, but I was pleased to see you made it out! Thanks for the entertaining account

  4. Kristina says:

    So I clicked on this purely because of the title, I had to know this story! The countryside is so lush and full of cows, it’s true haha. This was a lovely read!

    • Teja says:

      LOL it was my weirdest animal encounter… glad you liked this super whimsical-nerdy post!

  5. This seems like a stunning trail, Teja! I would love to hike it one day!

  6. karen says:

    I loved reading this. I can’t wait to explore the UK, but it sounds so magical just going between all the lush green landscapes and cows. :)

  7. Cassandra Le says:

    I can’t believe you saw so many cows hahaha I loved the little memes that you drew in some of your photos. The trail looks relatively easy. I don’t hike much, but do enjoy walking and taking in the landscape.

  8. Kelly says:

    Hahaha. I love this. I cannot believe that cows did that to you. And I giess, I can see how they might be large and intimidating. Thanks for such a fun post!!

  9. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    You are right, we do not realize the advice of parents or elders till we find ourselves in some dire situation. Your adventures with the Cows is quite alarming. Though one can look back objectively at the incident, i can understand what you would have gone through.. Cows.. though they look harmless can get really violent and do a lot of damage. So it pays to be prudent and take all precautions.

  10. Linda says:

    That looks like an awesome trail for a walk or hike! I love how green everything is and how many animals you can spot along the way!

  11. neha says:

    This looks like a beautiful trail to cover. I love all the greenery. And to me, the cows appear to be really innocent :P But ask my mom and she can very well relate to what you are saying. She was chased by a cow in childhood and is still so very scared of cows

  12. you.theworld.wandering says:

    I’ve never heard of this place! So great. The grass is so green. Love your encounter crossing the bridge! I was totally empathising with you there!
    Kristie (you.theworld.wandering)

    • Teja says:

      I know right? And I would not have known it except that I ditched my bucket list and spent vacation time on my friend.

  13. Gina says:

    I think it’s funny how there were objections to the Midland Railway because it was so ugly. Back then, a hulking piece of metal in the beautiful greenery of the countryside must have been hideous. I would love to hike this place because the air looks so fresh and clean!

    • Teja says:

      haha yeah, apparently all the poets were up in arms. But I personally like the bridge being there, gives the scenery a kind of focal point, you know? Did you click the link? I love it that back then some people thought it a terrible thing to reach somewhere *faster*.