Bushwalking the Cliffside Trails in Katoomba

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21 Responses

  1. Ahsan Tanjil says:

    In Trails in Katoomba, The adventure, nature, and beauty, all mixed here. Im planning to visit there. Whats the best season to go. Should i avoid rainy season?

    • Teja says:

      IMO, it all depends on your preference. Rainy season can have its unique sights, as I discovered when I trekked Annapurna in the monsoon. However, if you want to go hiking in the Blue Mountains, rainy periods would make it more risky, so keep that in mind. You can see that there are water seeps on this trail, and this was a fairly dry late autumn trip.

  2. neha says:

    I had never heard the term bushwalking itself. Seems to be something quiet popular to do. Your bushwalking trail in Katoomba looks really nice. And an easy hike as well, something I can try :)

  3. Laia says:

    Your post brought back nice memories! I was in the Blue Mountains two years ago, and I also did a hike along the cliff (I don’t remember the name either). I don’t think I went down and up again, it was mostly along the cliff and I found a small waterfall at the end.
    “I had gone much further than I believed I could”… it’s great when you realize how much you can do!

  4. Cherene Saradar says:

    Girl you crazy! Lol. No water…yikes! But good for you pushing yourself and having this accomplishment. Pics are beautiful. I never see the fauna either btw…

  5. Karin says:

    You´re one badass hiker! No water means no hike for me :-) The views look amazing though! And no worries, I never see any wildlife either, haha. Might be because I´m short sighted!

    • Teja says:

      Me too! I wear contacts, but I think maybe years of tolerating myopia and glasses in my formative years lost me some training.

  6. Chiara says:

    This was a very fun and iteresting read :) Thank you. I’m heading to Australia soon so I’ll take this article under consideration when I organize my trip!

  7. Darie says:

    What a wonderful experience although dangerous? I always make sure I have water if I want to go anywhere! The movie 127 hours is stuck in my head as a reminder to myself. Morbid, I know lol.

    • Teja says:

      I know… I have this angel/demon thing in me. The responsible, cautious side is usually in charge – and forms the basis of my day job! But then, every so often, I have a tendency to flip and shoot the other way! I do prepare more nowadays.

  8. Haha this was fun to read!
    The views are definitely worth the hikes, it looks gorgeous!

  9. Kelly says:

    This sounds like such an incredible, cultural
    Experience in the wilds of Australia. I have never been because Australia is pretty far from
    New York, but I would love to do this and check out some wildlife. And like you, I would take it easy so I could make it back. Lol. Good advice!!

  10. Jean says:

    Love it!! Hiking is so easy to do in Australia.

    • Teja says:

      It is! I’m blown away. Malaysia puts a lot of obstacles (ok the more accurate word is really ‘capitalism’) between people and nature.

  11. Gina says:

    Alas, I’m like you and I always have misadventures happen to me! Hahaha. I like how there’s so much fresh water and I wonder if there’s a way to camp at the base? That would be so wonderful! I’m glad you didn’t get lost and made it back down! :)

    • Teja says:

      Back up more like! lol
      I think you can camp out in the wilderness, yeah. There’s safety guidance for people who will be out for multiple days so it must be possible.

  12. This seems a new idea to me. Can you please let me know the details on how can I go there & what are the todos of everything. Thanks in advance.

    • Teja says:

      Hi! I would recommend hiring a car and make a road trip to the Blue Mountains National Park. We stayed in Katoomba because the Three Sisters rock outcrop is there and a must-see. The car would allow you to drive around the Blue Mountains area and on the roadside there would be farm shops selling produce and stuff like honey and cider (including non-alcoholic ones). The thing about Australia is, they have really good online tourism resources (Blue Mountains one linked in the article). Aside from bushwalking, being girls we explored Leura a little bit where there were little craft shops and pretty stores.

  13. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Bushwalking in Katoomba seems like a great experience. A great way to get in touch with the amazing landscapes of the country. You did finally get to see a ground bird, pity he was not that excited :)