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Muslim in post-9/11 world | religious role models | popular and media use of language | communication skills | "What do you say when you pray" 2

“What do you say when you pray?”

I paused in the dim light, still seated on the floor where I was praying. The room was near-darkness, in the hour before sunrise. My room-mate Belle had sleepily asked the question from where...

Confessions of an Aspie Solo Female Traveller | travel article on Asian female travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Mount Cook, New Zealand South Island 10

Confessions of an Aspie Solo Female Traveller

In two weeks, I will be heading to Nepal, and I will be trying out the millennial way of independent solo female travel. The big ticket things are booked now, and no cold feet madness...

poem image for Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun | ruins in Morocco 6

Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun

Have you heard? They’re sending people to Mars. It seems to me… Crazy? Mars is hostile to life. You can’t even breathe the air! How will they survive? Well, we’ll make them a refuge,...

Poem commenting on a polarised world 'The Middle Bridge' 'The Bridges are Empty' on mindful travel blog Teja on the Horizon 0

They Want to Keep the Bridges Empty

In a world of extremes the bridges are lonely. The western shore tells A haunting tale Without the shadow of a doubt Of ghosts upon the span, their wails And whispers a massy cloud...

'Beauty' poem on mindful travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Aida performance at Sydney bay | Female beauty 6

Her Beauty Blooms!

It doesn’t matter what she looks like.  Nor her plumes  Not her shape, nor even her size.  Her age irrelevant her skin unrealised When she looks eye to eye and speaks her beauty blooms!...

butterflies in Taman Negara | Valentine's Day | humanitarian ideals 3

What If We Made the World Our Valentine?

I have never identified with Valentine’s Day. Even when I was not single, and technically had a ‘valentine’. When your reputation for being a brain rather than a beauty is what precedes you, chances are...

Crimson red sunset at Ko Sukon, Trang, Thailand | travel poem on urban nightlife 'Cracked Open' on the travel blog Teja on the Horizon 0

Cracked Open

There are gargoyles guarding The hospital doors. The wounded may come in as long as They don’t get blood on to the floors. So in order to visit the sick I go where they...

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