Sustainable in FRENCH POLYNESIA | An Honest Review of My Travel

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  1. Clare Colley says:

    A very interesting review of being sustainable, I have to agree that I think the only option here would be to fly. It was also interesting to hear your reviews on the menstrual cup and the period underwear, I have considered the cup but never actually tried it, but it might be a good option while I am on the road. I have met people who have bought the washable pads but I think thats not an option for me. It was sad to hear about the “aquarium” but maybe with education they can come up with a better solution. It looks beautiful and I really hope I can visit one day.

    • Teja says:

      Indeed, sustainability decisions are never 100% one thing or another. It’s more a worldview than a list of things to be and do, which I try to describe in this series of articles.

      Re: the menstrual cup, right sizing makes a big difference in terms of potential for leaks. Personally, I prefer sustainable swaps that are not too much more effort than the conventional – ideally ones that are less effort overall. I think otherwise it’s harder to keep at it because it consumes more willpower than before. The menstrual cup is a fantastic swap because it just eliminates so much hassle and cupboard space, especially if you pair it with ’emergency’ period underwear.

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