7 Megalith Sites of Melaka and How to Find Them

This post provides directions for the 7 megalith sites in Melaka that the Teja team found during our 2016 historical hunt! It is a companion post to the article on Travelista Club: 7 Megalith Sites of Melaka: The Hunt Into Myth.

SPOILER ALERT: Using this walkthrough might totally impair the enjoyment of your road trip hunt. And yes, I could give you GPS co-ordinates... but why spoil the hunt?

1. Datuk Tua Megalith Site

Datuk Tua megalith

From anywhere in Melaka, head towards Taboh Naning in the Alor Gajah district. Once within the Taboh Naning area, head north towards Kampung Cherana Putih.

The Datuk Tua site is along this road. If heading northwards, you will pass by a school (Sekolah Kebangsaan Cherana Putih) on the left. The megalith site is soon after the school, on the right, and opposite a graveyard.

2. Unnamed Taboh Naning site

Taboh Naning megalith site

Assuming you entered Taboh Naning from the south, turn back the way you came towards the toll exit of Alor Gajah for the North-South Highway (also known as the "PLUS Highway", after the highway concessionaire). Do not actually take the toll exit.

At the tiny roundabout, there is a very small lane exiting the roundabout right before the exit to the toll booths. This lane goes to a "Sekolah Tahfiz Qur'an" i.e. a school specialising in memorisation of the Qur'an; you might accordingly notice the small sign that marks the lane. Go along this lane and the megalith site is on the left within an overgrown vacant lot. This lane eventually merges with the main road of Taboh Naning at the other end.

3. Dato Sena @ Panglima Garang site

Datuk Sena megalith site

Once back on the main road, proceed straight past Kampung Cherana Putih towards Kampung Taboh Naning. Proceed onward until you reach a bridge overpass. Cross the overpass, and right after this on the right, there is a right turn. Take this right turn and immediately turn right again to take the small road parallel to the main road. There is a hardware yard on the left.

Proceed onward along the asphalt road. There will be oil palm on both sides. Look out for the next junction with the road name "Jalan Miad". Turn right into Jalan Miad. The megalith site is along this road, about where the TNB (=electric company) electrical pole TANA A32 is.

4. Garden megalith site

Taboh Naning megalith home garden

To leave Taboh Naning go back south along the same main road as before, past the Kampung Cherana Putih area and the Datuk Tua megalith site (yes, you can totally streamline this trip to a more efficient route). There is a junction on the right that leads to Universiti Kuala Lumpur's (UniKL)  Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology.

Close after passing this junction there is a house on the left hosting a megalith site in its garden compound. [Please ask permission to view the megaliths; country manners are recommended].

5. Kampung Kemuning rubber estate site

Kampung Kemuning rubber estate megalith site

Head towards Kampung Kemuning by heading south, past the little roundabout, until you reach a cross junction. Turn left onto the M10 which will go past A'Famosa Golf Resort. Go along this road until you reach a junction to the right with an arch marking Kampung Kemuning. Turn into this road, which is the M135 going towards Gadek (there are hot springs there, by the way).

Keep your eyes peeled, because soon after is the megalith site among the rubber trees on the right. You can stop by the road near the entrance road to a house in the lot next to the rubber trees. It is polite to go up to the house and ask permission to pass through the compound to enter the rubber estate.

6. Al Ikhwan Mosque megalith site

Al Ikhwan Mosque megalith site

This site is fairly easy to find. Continue along the M135 as before, until you reach Al Ikhwan Mosque on the right. There is covered parking by the roadside just in front of the mosque. The megalith site is right by the lane leading up to the mosque, within the cemetery yard.

I advise not to arrive here around midday Friday because the mosque will be busy with worshippers and you would be in the way. Also, while the cemetery is not within the praying spaces of the mosque building, it is advisable to dress modestly in the area. As a guide, covering at least shoulders to knees is considered normal*.

Note for foreign roadtrippers: To enter the mosque itself, local custom additionally asks that female visitors have full body and hair covered. However, please be aware that typically, rural mosques are village-oriented and may likely not know what to do with foreign visitors. 

7. Kampung Punggur Megalith site

Continue along the M135. This next junction will be on the right, but it is tricky, because the sign that marks it as the road to Kampung Punggur is very small and easy to miss. If you reach Gadek, you've missed it.

Take the junction and continue along the road. All that this route requires is actually confidence and patience. Simply continue along the road and do not be tempted by any turns off of it. You will eventually start moving up a rise. The megalith site is on the left somewhere along this road.

Hope you have fun, and perhaps even add more sites to the list! Let me know how it goes!

Kampung Punggur megalith site


*This advice is generally applicable for exploring rural Malaysia anyway, especially on the Peninsular side, and signals cultural sensitivity/attentiveness. If you are the sort of traveler who aspires to 'get to know the real local people', outside of the cities, dressing to approach the local benchmarks for both sexes greatly increases the perception of your relatability. People will still be friendly either way, but as is the case anywhere, the frankness and type of content shared - especially from local women - obviously will vary depending on how likely it is people think you can relate to them. 

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Directions for 7 ancient standing stone / megalith sites scattered in Malacca state, Malaysia

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  1. Jessica says:

    I love finding places like this in my travels. Great spot to take it all in, learn some history, and reflect on the culture. Also, never hurts to get outside and enjoy the scenery. Through, informative guide :)

  2. Robyn says:

    Really informative post and I enjoy how you’ve done a road trip hunt style! Super fun :)

    • Teja says:

      Thank you for reading! It was motivated by the pain of having to work from the indifferent directions scraped from old blogs!

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