How We Found 7 Megalith Sites in Melaka


Exciting news for daytrippers and treasure hunters, and megalith site enthusiasts! My very first article on another website has been published by Travelista Club!

The tale of a road trip for Melaka's megalith site locations

I've been to Stonehenge in England once, many years ago. I've also wandered about the UK a little bit, about which I might write sometime. So I confess to a certain partiality for the British countryside. I have a soft spot for the random Roman ruins and bits of technology in surprising places.

But most curious of all, are the mounds and lonely standing stone circles, marked invitingly on ordinance maps. Ancient megalith sites, mysterious in their origins. 

So obviously when I discovered my home country has megaliths too - and in my own birth state at that - I had to find them!

My story of tracking down megalith site locations in Melaka from pieces of doubtful information collated from the internet in two languages, is live!

Check it out and happy hunting!

Pin for inspiration!

Where can you go to find ancient megalith sites in Malacca - and what do they mean to the local people? Learn native Malaysian history and mythology on the article!

For specific directions (it will make the hunt less fun though!) see: The Megalith Road Trip Walkthrough

For a different Malaysia road trip quest, check out: Perlis and the Invisible Limestone Hill

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5 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    These places always have this irresistible mystery charm. You can’t help but think how their ordinary day to day lives for them, seem so exciting to us.

  2. We love to reading post like yours, you have an original way to write. We have started to consider Melaka as part of our travel list :)

    • Teja says:

      Do! Weave in time as well. It’s not easy to take in culture otherwise – you’ll only get the culture of the towns and cities (which is still great! I mean, UNESCO Heritage!), but that’s such a small part, and historically migrant-dominant, part of the country.

  3. mark says:

    We visited a megalithic site near Evora in Portugal. The history of these places is amazing. Its a shame only Stonehenge gets all the publicity

    • Teja says:

      I don’t know why such sites aren’t more sought after. It would be convenient to have them regularly featured in travel guides, because this traveller wants to know! Maybe I’m a bit odd haha

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