Yin Yang and Boomerang

Your heart is ever roaming
And mine is never home
Yin and yang
And boomerang
But I rule upon where you're going
And you judge me where I'm from.

You see all people as one
And I see each completes the whole
Yin and yang
And boomerang
But you sneer at my divine
And I told you that you're cold.

Yin and yang and boomerang
Kindred heart drift apart.

- Mahibadhoo, Maldives


I guess opposites do attract.

But sticking is a different matter.

I learned this most poignantly in a year of choices and a pace just out of step - like for two dancers hearing the same song but at a slightly different beat.

Yin and Yang.

A familiar symbol, one chasing the tail of the other in a perfect, eternal circle.

But it makes perfect sense only after they fit together - whole and coding the whole worlds. Do you never wonder what it took for the opposites to fuse?

Perhaps tempered as in a forge. Likely much patience, curiosity? Creativity-not-giving-up. Vision, perhaps. Or a yearning, desire. Time - but not idle time.

Not quick and easy.

And not for those who have yet to own who they are - and no longer seek it from the mirror of another.

So that's why - that's why - most people go for sameness. For peas-in-a-pod.

And what will I do, what will I do, contrary-do? Why do I have the feeling that, I will go the hard labour route?

and Boomerang.

If that's so, then I might as well pay attention and catch the next one in better stride. Perhaps win the impossible love story.

Besides, it's not healthy to be unprepared when a boomerang is heading for you.

What happens when opposites attract, but the world is more polarised than ever?


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3 Responses

  1. Being Australian, I had to read this post when I saw boomerang in the title. I loved the flow of words and thoughts. For me, I think that even when we are moving forward we can’t always escape the ‘boomerang’ of what has shaped us in the past – but this isn’t always a bad thing :D

  2. Penny says:

    Yin Yang and Boomerang… No picture is perceived until viewed as a whole. It is wise not to judge until you know the whole story and not just parts that are hearsay… That’s what I take from it..

    • Teja says:

      I had to walk back on my words a lot that year… but I guess at least I did – rather than should, but didn’t. The experience made me a lot more careful this year.

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