Smile at me. And let us speak of mutual friends
And ends that shouldn’t justify the means
Yet hint at dreams that won’t stay still but bends
And forks, and fogs, and determines.

How have you played? I offer mine
In time the stories become as one
And between two meeting minds
No line nor shadow cross the sun.

Come hear me tell you of your height
Bright in the chambers of your heart
Of brave new starts and seize the light
And courage, courage to depart!

Beneath the smiling voices trembles
In infradecibel a soundless hope
Playing episodes unseen and rambles
Unformed, reformed, upon a tightrope.

Oh in the end just speak, it matters not
A jot of what or when - but make it true
Come smile anew at things forgot
And prove a love innocent of rue.

- Kuala Lumpur

Peak District country lane

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2 Responses

  1. Gina says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve read poetry put this poem really stands out to me. For some reason I thought of travel and the love affair with nature with this poem.

  2. kapow says:

    ‘Soundless hope’….. xxx

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