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Dhigurah at slack tide | Maldives vacation | sustainable travel


Most of the content on this blog comes in the form of travel stories. These travelogues chronicle my travels in the different destinations, and is where I seek to bring you with me into the experiences each place brought to me. Whether they were slow travel journeys, or weekend jaunts, sustainable travel is a state of mind and an attitude. Through these stories I seek to show you that it is a mindset that is fulfilling for any budget and any length of trip. 


As someone who used to write poetry (not necessarily good ones!) at the back of exam question papers when she finished early, it comes as no surprise that travel sometimes inspires poetry. This type of content on the blog are those impressions and epiphanies that are more conceptual, and occasionally partakes in a bit of artistic license. Unlike the travel stories, the truths expressed in my travel poetry are of the more intuitive kind, than the literal. 

Travel Guides

These are the more traditional 'travel blogger' content, where I actually give a factual description or overview of a place or activity, intending to help you do it yourself. A 'walkthrough', to use gamer language ;) .

By far, the locations and activities covered by this type of content on the blog is off-the-beaten-track, because I hate duplication. I simply can't be inspired to cover places that way too many bloggers have already covered. So I would really only bother doing this if I personally did not find sufficient resources when I was doing my own planning, found things that nobody had thought to mention, or have a perspective that hasn't been covered.

Our Random World

Sometimes in travel you encounter random interesting things which are more than just images to share on Instagram, but not quite amounting to a story either. Nor do you (by you I mean 'me') want to bother doing the research to turn it into a proper travel guide. Most of the time I prefer to write this as articles on other websites. But if I do write them for my own blog, I categorise this kind of content under 'Randomness'! 

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