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heaven's eye sunset at Dhigurah island, Maldives | heaven is not what you did yesterday | Teja on the Horizon travel blog | trying new things | overcoming inertia | overcoming fear of new things | believing I could 10

Heaven Is Not What I Did Yesterday

They asked if I could swim in the open sea. “What do you mean? Just put 10 for everything,” his voice came through distractedly over the phone. I had consulted my (ex)friend, regarding how I should fill in a swimming...

New Year fireworks in Kuala Lumpur 2017 0

New Year Fireworks in KLCC: Sound and Light

There’s something incredibly appealing about new year fireworks. There aren’t very many things that my over-thinking mind doesn’t try to work out the why of it, but it and fireworks have a truce. Fireworks just is, and basically so for everyone....

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