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Street mural | Ipoh street art | Ipoh graffiti art | Ipoh old town, Perak, Malaysia 22

Old Town: The Surprise Ipoh Street Art

When I took my Thai colleague whitewater rafting in Gopeng over a weekend out of Kuala Lumpur, we opted to stay in one of the new fashionable boutique hotels that are now springing up in...

Kampung Punggur megalith site | Melaka road trip 4

7 Megalith Sites of Melaka and How to Find Them

This post provides directions for the 7 megalith sites in Melaka that the Teja team found during our 2016 historical hunt! It is a companion post to the article on Travelista Club: 7 Megalith Sites of Melaka:...

Travel guide article 'A Malaysian's Handy Tips to Explore Malacca' on the blog Teja on the Horizon | Stone street sign for Jonker Street in Malacca UNESCO Heritage zone | Melaka planning guide | Malacca local tips | accommodation and food guide Malacca | UNESCO Heritage City Malacca 2

A Malaysian’s Handy Tips to Explore Malacca

If you’re visiting Malaysia, and planning an itinerary from Kuala Lumpur, chances are Malacca (spelled ‘Melaka’ in local Malay) is in the running. Dubbed Malaysia’s Historical City, it is a joint UNESCO Heritage City...

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