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Travel guide "Touring Muscat with An (Asian!) Expat Friend" article on Teja on the Horizon | View of old Muscat from the southern hillside 38

Touring Muscat with An (Asian!) Expat Friend

No one seemed to mind being sent to Muscat. That alone created a feeling of intrigue in me, for the Sultanate of Oman. Let me explain. I work with a lot of international professionals. Some...

Travel story "Dune Bashing and Quad Biking in Wahiba Sands!" on travel blog Teja on the Horizon 31

Dune Bashing and Quad Biking in Wahiba Sands!

Ah, I finally see the point of 4-wheel drives. It was an incongruent thought that entered my mind as we barrelled over another dune in the Wahiba Sands desert. But that’s my brain for you....

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