Sustainable Travel with Teja

Sunrise streaming in between moai in silhouette at Ahu Tongariki in Easter Island, Chile | Isla de Pascua

Hello fellow Sustainable Travellers - the aspiring and the veteran!

This section is where I share everything I've got, that helped me to travel more sustainably.

1. Responsible Travel Resources

I'm not a perfect responsible traveller. But there's no point in waiting for that to happen, before I share the resources that I personally use! 

Planning: Maximise Value

Every travel plan begins with - the plan! Responsible travel often means taking slightly more time to think about increasing the value of your trip, or reducing its impact. Ideally both. 

One initiative that I tried out when planning my Nepal trip was Pack for a Purpose. I write about it a bit more in my Travel Sustainably article for Nepal. It is a website that collates institutions in need of donated items around the world, and makes sure those needs as reported on the website stays current. Therefore you can search for a place that is a match for your trip and you can bring stuff for them in your spare luggage allowance. 

In terms of selecting accommodation for the trip, I use Rooms for Change as a first screen. This is a booking site that is just like any other accommodation booking site - except that the options entirely consist of small, locally-owned and independent businesses. They aim to grow a community of conscious travellers, and the commission they earn goes partly towards charities that work to improve conditions for marginalised communities in the world. 

I've found quite a few other sustainable travel booking sites for different travel styles. Check out the menu dropdown for options. 

After the Trip: Responsible Travel includes Carbon Offsetting

In the first of my Sustainable Traveller Series, I make the point that one of the first steps for sustainable travel is to own your impact.

In a world facing the need to adapt to global warming, there are two responsible travel decisions:

  1. not go in the first place (avoids the associated flight emissions), or
  2. carbon offset (helps build momentum to normalise this necessary tool in order to facilitate multi-industry emissions reductions). 

Teja on the Horizon does a combination of the two.

On the one hand I seek to show you that you do not need to travel often to have a deeply meaningful trip or satisfying holiday. On the other, I make a point to disclose my carbon offsetting. Teja on the Horizon offsets with Terrapass, which I also use for non-travel emissions in my personal life. The reason I chose Terrapass is partly for its solid credentials, longevity, as well as the ease of its carbon calculator. 

In time, I plan to reach out to my professional (i.e. day job) network and write a series of articles on carbon offsets. I intend to explain the different types of offset projects, so that you are empowered to choose credible options of your preference. At the moment, I link the carbon calculator and offset provider that I personally use. 

2. The Sustainable Traveller Series

This is a trilogy of articles that I wrote which goes more fundamentally than 'tips' and 'things to do'. They are about the kinds of internal changes that need to happen for you to be able to adopt sustainability habits which are authentic, impactful, and long-term. The insight may help you grow your own responsible travel capacity. Or it might help you understand why family and friends are not on the same page as you yet. 

They are for deep reflection, and repeat reads, since these are personal growth skills rather than 'hacks'. But, they are necessary for a lifelong commitment to walk gently on the earth - and still live among people.

  • Two First Steps to be an Effective Sustainable Traveller | Responsible Travel | Sustainable Travel | Carbon offset | Self-Awareness

3. The Travel Sustainably Series

Travel Sustainably is a running article series reviewing my efforts to travel more responsibly. This is where I disclose new things I planned to try out, and how it went. It is also where I showcase sustainable things I encountered during travel at the destination. 

Use them to get ideas to try out for travel in general, or local tips to plan into your trip!