KL Day Trip: The Soaring Kites over Morib Beach

A day trip to Morib beach

The downside of living in Kuala Lumpur is that the coastline is not particularly accessible. This is very sad for someone who loves the coastline. You have to fight through considerable traffic across miles of suburbia, before you’d get anywhere near a plausible beach.

Nonetheless, it is possible to do. One of the beaches that are within day trip distance to KL, is Pantai Morib or Morib beach in Banting, Selangor. It is a public beach located next to the Morib Gold Coast resort area.

Morib beach in Selangor, Malaysia | Pantai Morib | Morib gold coast

What the beach is like

Morib beach is a fairly ‘local’ beach. Hence do expect that people would be enjoying the beach in the way that locals would. In other words, this isn’t the beach for stripping down and sunbathing on (next door in Morib Gold Coast would be it).

The sand is white and fine above the waterline, and ends with a line of casuarina trees and the occasional coconut palm. But much of the beach is actually the finer sand flats that get exposed during low tide. This is when visitors would wander across the flats and get their feet wet.

The tidal height around Malaysia is generally not very large. So it is not as dangerous to range far out on the flats at low tide as might be the case in countries like the UK, where you can get caught by the returning tide if you’re too far away from shore.

Morib beach sand flats | Banting tourism | Selangor, Malaysia | Morib gold coast

Morib beach sand flats

Go fly a kite!

Kites in the wind at Morib beach | Banting tourism | Selangor, Malaysia | KL day trip

Kites in the wind

A key feature of the beach that I discovered, from going twice, is the breeze. (The first time, which was in April, the winds were stronger and more consistent than the second visit in December).

This means: kite-flying beach!

There are very many kites on sale to choose from, and they’re reasonably priced. An Angry Bird one would set you back RM10 if I recall right. But this was a few years ago.

On my first visit, the high casuarina branches were also adorned with tiny kites, their constant fluttering tails demonstrating the biddable wind. They weren’t there on my second visit.

At first I was disappointed. But in retrospect it was probably best – I don’t think they get systematically removed each time. Given that many of the kites are plastic, that’s a lot of plastic that could come loose and become litter all over the beach.

There’s just another thing I should mention – it can be blistering hot here. The sun is blinding in midday, and you’d feel it even with the steady wind.


Kite Flying in Morib Beach | Banting, Selangor | Teja on the Horizon blogAside from the kite sellers, Morib beach is actually pretty well laid out.

There is ample parking next to the recreational grounds. There are rows of little restaurants (mainly local or simple local-fusion or street food cuisine), bathroom facilities, and Muslim prayer rooms.

It’s not fancy, but it’s all there so you can enjoy a beachside promenade sort of afternoon.

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21 Responses

  1. Kristen says:

    This beach looks so pretty! I love watching kites fly, although I’m not very good at it myself haha

  2. Sarah says:

    OMG it was so hot the few days we were in KL I wish we had gone to a breezy, delightful beach like this! I don’t typically fly kites (like maybe not ever in my whole life), but I would love to have done this.

    • Teja says:

      Yes, the near-constant breeze is the only thing that made the beach pleasant, heat-wise. When the breeze dips down you can totally feel the heat.

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