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Some gamers like to dive in and skip the tutorial. But others will read the entire walkthrough beforehand. This section is for those who simply must know before they go!

WARNING: Excessive use prevents travel stories from happening!

What can you expect from a Teja on the Horizon travel guide?

If I bothered to write a guide on this blog at all, it is very likely that there is something unusual about it.

Perhaps the destination is less written about online. Or maybe I felt that there is sustainability information that is important to the location, but which is usually omitted. Maybe the location is obscure and less visited – a hidden gem, maybe. Or perhaps people mostly write about the location from the perspective of peak season travel.

Or it could also be something not about the destination, but about the traveller! Maybe the existing content about a destination is usually aimed for a Western traveller. Whereas I noticed different things that would better interest an Asian/Muslim/female/hybrid traveller.

Or maybe they are locations of my own country, which I can describe with greater depth and nuance than a foreign or younger blogger.

Whichever it is, if I write a walkthrough about something or someplace – rest assured that it will be an exploration of some kind. ;)