Category: Travel Stories

There are many reasons to travel, and many travel niches.

We have those who go for budget travel or luxury travel – or figuring out how to do the latter with the budget of the former!

Then there are the outdoorsmen, the campers and the hikers and the bikers and the trekkers, who search out outstanding places for such activities. Then there are the adrenaline seekers, the divers and the surfers, the adventure travel and extreme travel fans.

And then there are the culture travellers, history buffs, movie and literature inspired travel. The foodie traveller and the festival-goer.

Holiday getaways, family holidays, all-inclusive vacationers and backpackers.

We all travel in search of different things.

So what is Teja’s travel style?

What makes a trip worthwhile? What makes me come back and feel, that was worth the effort, or a regret?

I measure it in the travel stories.

I have no answer if friends ask me, so where should we go next? What should we do when there?

It’s good to have some idea. But if you know how to travel, and travel not to consume, the destination takes care of the rest.

So what I will reply tends to be, it doesn’t matter. But make sure we have extra time. Spend the night. Have time you don’t know how to fill. Go somewhere for no reason, look around and see what happens. 

Because the destination usually has a story, and it will tell the traveller who slows down to listen.