Category: Poetry

'The Vault' poem on travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Antique style Arab door latch at Oryx Desert Camp, Oman 3

The Vault.

Tell no one, my friend. I have the key to the Vault. Therein are supplies of the most precious of things not from the hands of man. Time if you need it Peace for your...

Yin Yang and Boomerang | poetry on travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Dhoni on a sea swell in overcast Maldives weather 3

Yin Yang and Boomerang

Your heart is ever roaming And mine is never home Yin and yang And boomerang But I rule upon where you’re going And you judge me where I’m from. You see all people as one...

poem image for Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun | ruins in Morocco 6

Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun

Have you heard? They’re sending people to Mars. It seems to me… Crazy? Mars is hostile to life. You can’t even breathe the air! How will they survive? Well, we’ll make them a refuge, of...

Poem commenting on a polarised world 'The Middle Bridge' 'The Bridges are Empty' on mindful travel blog Teja on the Horizon 0

They Want to Keep the Bridges Empty

In a world of extremes the bridges are lonely. The western shore tells A haunting tale Without the shadow of a doubt Of ghosts upon the span, their wails And whispers a massy cloud Of...

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