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Just having this Poetry section, tanks my blog’s search ranking. Machine algorithms find it hard to figure out what poetry is about.

Poems don’t even have the same sentence structure as normal written language. They aren’t used as references. It’s even hard to comment on, and often the enjoyment is personal and not really a shareable thing.

So search engines consider it as ‘not useful’. A site that hosts content that does not fit descriptions of ‘useful information’, takes a hit.

But I don’t care. There is a line you often have to draw in life that separates between what is reasonable to compromise, and what should never be. It is the human line.

Some places you travel to, and people you meet, inspire poetry.

And some travel stories can only be told in verse.

So I will write them in poetry. Because stories are for humans.



Wide sands, open sea
Surf rising, breakers chasing our knees
Brown shore diamonds twinkling
A million stars wishing

Long walk in the water
Sun burning, breezes waver
Deep in talk of – everything
Space-time vanishing

Through the doorway darkling
Refuge from the day glaring
A hundred lights in a daytime night
Candle flame fairy sight

Grotto green sanctuary
Curios scattered curiously
One morning restores us two
Enough to prove it anew.


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How do you enjoy art without feeling the human behind the poured genius? You are afraid of grief. You cannot bear to listen to trauma and refuse to note its signs not even when...

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The Vault.

Tell no one, my friend. I have the key to the Vault. Therein are supplies of the most precious of things not from the hands of man. Time if you need it Peace for...

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Your heart is ever roaming And mine is never home Yin and yang And boomerang But I rule upon where you’re going And you judge me where I’m from. You see all people as...

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Have you heard? They’re sending people to Mars. It seems to me… Crazy? Mars is hostile to life. You can’t even breathe the air! How will they survive? Well, we’ll make them a refuge,...

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It doesn’t matter what she looks like.  Nor her plumes  Not her shape, nor even her size.  Her age irrelevant her skin unrealised When she looks eye to eye and speaks her beauty blooms!...

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Smile at me. And let us speak of mutual friends And ends that shouldn’t justify the means And hint at dreams that won’t stay still but bends And forks, and fogs, and determines. How...

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There are gargoyles guarding The hospital doors. The wounded may come in as long as They don’t get blood on to the floors. So in order to visit the sick I go where they...

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