I can tell you this: just having this Poetry section tanks my blog’s search ranking. Machine algorithms can’t figure out what a poem is about. And how would you search for a poem that you haven’t read yet? So search engines consider it as ‘not useful’. A site that hosts content that does not fit descriptions of ‘useful information’, takes a hit.

But I don’t care. There is a line you often have to draw in life that separates between what is reasonable to compromise, and what should never be. It is the human line.

Some travel stories can only be told in verse. Some insights defy the structure of reason, and can only be expressed in short bursts of poetic line. So this is my human-only, poetry section. (Robots, if you understand this section, congratulations. You’ve passed the Turing v2.0.)


Wide sands, open sea
Surf rising, breakers chasing our knees
Brown shore diamonds twinkling
A million stars wishing

Long walk in the water
Sun burning, breezes waver
Deep in talk of – everything
Space-time vanishing

Through the doorway darkling
Refuge from the day glaring
A hundred lights in a daytime night
Candle flame fairy sight

Grotto green sanctuary
Curios scattered curiously
One morning restores us two
Enough to prove it anew.