It never occurred to me to travel to Oman. But I have visited Oman several times, being brought there by work reasons.

It’s a pretty expensive country for a Malaysian, as are most of the Gulf countries, due to the relative weakness of the ringgit and difference in quality of life. So if it hadn’t been for work travel, I might not have had the chance to witness this country that everyone seems to like.

“Oh except Oman, Oman isn’t like that”, is regularly added in conversation, even as people express discontent about something or other related to the Arabian Gulf countries.

Indeed yes, Oman is Arab. It is Muslim. It is conservative. But it is also likeable, and authentic. I have not had the chance to go to any other Middle Eastern country, so I have no comparison. But in my heart, I’m glad that the first impression of the Middle East for me, was from Oman.

These are the stories of my introduction to the Sultanate of Oman.

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