Category: Our Random World

There are things that you come across and find interesting in travel, curiosities and oddities. Things that baffle you as a foreigner – being baffled, I think, is one of a traveller’s secret enjoyments. Observations and mementos, crafts or items from our random world.

And then there are random things that happen, and random places you wander off to and enjoyed. I love storytelling, finding a narrative and an arc, weaving a spell and breaking it, setting the reader free at the end. But not everything in our world has an arc – or at least one that my mind can discern.

So these travel odds and ends – whether whimsical or erratic or serious and philosophical – are all grouped here. Randomness doesn’t need a reason.

Muslim in post-9/11 world | religious role models | popular and media use of language | communication skills | "What do you say when you pray" 2

“What do you say when you pray?”

I paused in the dim light, still seated on the floor where I was praying. The room was near-darkness, in the hour before sunrise. My room-mate Belle had sleepily asked the question from where...

heaven's eye sunset at Dhigurah island, Maldives | heaven is not what you did yesterday | Teja on the Horizon travel blog | trying new things | overcoming inertia | overcoming fear of new things | believing I could 10

Heaven Is Not What I Did Yesterday

They asked if I could swim in the open sea. “What do you mean? Just put 10 for everything,” his voice came through distractedly over the phone. I had consulted my (ex)friend, regarding how...

Okoto Enigma | nomination | inspirational blogger | award winning blog | Teja on the Horizon 1

Teja on the Horizon is a Mystery Blogger!

I was intrigued when Chandrima of Travel Stories Untold nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. I hadn’t heard of this award before, and didn’t think I had the readership to even be noticed for a...

Confessions of an Aspie Solo Female Traveller | travel article on Asian female travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Mount Cook, New Zealand South Island 10

Confessions of an Aspie Solo Female Traveller

In two weeks, I will be heading to Nepal, and I will be trying out the millennial way of independent solo female travel. The big ticket things are booked now, and no cold feet madness...

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