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My travels in the Philippines tend to be eclectic. This is because I allowed it to be led by serendipity and opportunity, by work and by friendships. So far, despite being apparently random, I have had the opportunity to travel the Philippines from the north to the south – Luzon, the Visayas, and even Mindanao.

When I go to the Philippines, I am often with others. I am with friends, or colleagues. So my travel style in this country varies markedly, and depends on who I went with. The end result is a mixed bag – which is very much like the country itself!

Nonetheless, it is a country I seem to return to, over and over again. So I think it is one of those places which is like a sketch that will be coloured in, bit by bit, over time.


Samar to Leyte bridge | San Juanico bridge | Tacloban attraction | Leyte architecture | Philippine engineering 26

2 Days in Tacloban: Beyond Yolanda

Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a wayfarer.* The city of Tacloban in the Philippines has a couple of distinctions. First, it was where the American General MacArthur landed...

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