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Unlike most people writing about Thailand, my stories do not come from typical vacations – whether in the Western style of boozy islands and full moon parties, the hippy style of elephant sanctuaries and northern temples, or the Eastern style of beachside family holidays.

You see, most of the time I travel to Thailand, it is for work.

And sometimes, when I am able to add extra time around those trips, my Thai colleague would take me/us to see spots around his country where we happen to be.

Or sometimes, as colleagues we would organise a trip together – and then this would resemble an Eastern ‘family’ style vacation.

So my experience travelling Thailand is a little niche. The location is opportunistic, the timing usually short – and always mediated by a true blue local guide who came to know pretty much his entire country through one of his former jobs.


These are the stories of my jaunts into my neighbour, the Kingdom of Thailand.

'How I Got to Tour the Reverent, Sober Side of Pattaya' article on travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Sanctuary of Truth exterior | Pattaya attraction | Prasat | Thailand art | sober Pattaya | Pattaya Buddhism | sober Thailand 16

How I Got to Tour the Reverent, Sober Side of Pattaya

Reverent, sober Pattaya? I will let you have two minutes to finish the mental snickering. . . . OK, done? Right, let’s move on. Pattaya is best known for the tourist strip prosaically called “Walking Street”, which specialises in sex...

'Glamping & Squid Fishing in Ko Laoliang' travel guide at travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Ko Laoliang orange sunrise 8

Glamping & Squid Fishing in Ko Laoliang

“On Ko Laoliang we will be camping. On the beach,” said my friend Weerachai with some measure of satisfaction. He was explaining to us the addition of Ko Laoliang to our initial plan of holidaying and seafood bingeing in Ko...

'Our Seafood-Obsessed Thai Island Holiday in Ko Sukon' story on travel blog Teja on the Horizon | View of the beach at Ko Sukorn, Thailand 13

Our Seafood-Obsessed Thai Island Holiday in Ko Sukon

My first Thai island holiday was surprisingly not to any of the tourist magnets. It was to a relatively obscure island on the western Thai shoreline called Ko Sukon. And it all began when my seafood-obsessed Thai friend and colleague...

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