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Travel Malaysia – truly Asia!

By a long shot, the country I know most about is my own, Malaysia. Everything of what I read, heard, observed, all that I felt, smelled, breathed, and touched for a great part of my life, resides in the vast archives in my mind.

But up until recently, I found it hard to write about it, in a way that shows another person how to feel what it’s like, to travel Malaysia.

And that’s because communication is not about parroting out my worldview. It is about capturing yours, and reeling it in. So that I can match your eyes to where mine is.

So it wasn’t until I had begun to travel differently, and returned to travel Malaysia again, that all that I know from my very skin, could colour my travel stories here. Because now I have in my storytelling toolkit, many more worldviews. And I can better anchor the tale on a point where, hopefully, many can see what I see.

I daresay you could probably feel the difference between my stories told from a time before this, and after. I’ve left them all intact. I have no intention of revising them, so that this point can be seen and reflected upon.

These are the stories from the eyes of a native Malaysian wandering her own country – on and off the beaten path – and trying to do it sustainably. An urbanite disinterested in the city – a cosmopolitan in the wild.


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Metal and fibreglass walkway at KL Forest Eco Park @ Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve | Travel article "Hikes of KL: The Surprisingly Real Rainforest of KL Forest Eco Park" at travel blog Teja on the Horizon 10

KL Forest Eco Park: The Surprisingly Real Rainforest

I always assumed that the hill is called ‘Bukit Nanas’ because there used to be pineapples planted on the slopes (nanas = pineapple). That’s what KL Forest Eco Park was known as, you know, until recently. Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve....

Bukit Gasing forest trail flanked by ferns and trees | Gasing Hill, Petaling Jaya | Travel guide article "Hikes of KL: Explore the Urban Forest of Gasing Hill" on travel blog Teja on the Horizon 4

Gasing Hill: Explore an Urban Forest Hike near KL

If you’ve somehow run out of things to do in KL, you can pop across into the adjacent Malaysian state of Selangor. Bukit Gasing (or Gasing Hill) in Petaling Jaya is a rare bit of Klang Valley forest. It was...

View of the crowd of Hindu pilgrims moving up the steps of Batu Caves limestone temple in Kuala Lumpur, with a giant golden statue of Hindu deity Murugan in the foreground | Batu Caves temple on Thaipusam day | Travel guide article 'Batu Caves for Thaipusam: Worth It?" on travel blog Teja on the Horizon 4

Batu Caves for the Thaipusam Festival: Worth It?

I guess it’s pretty typical. You tend not to see the tourist attractions of your own city, because you take it for granted. I mean, I’ve been to the famous Batu Caves temple in Kuala Lumpur once before – but...

Rope canopy bridge extending from a rainforest tree to another in Malaysia's Forest Research Institute in Kuala Lumpur | KL hikes | Hiking guide on sustainable travel blog Teja on the Horizon 0

Hikes of KL: FRIM and the Canopy Walk

FRIM Canopy Walk will be closed from 30 June 2017.  This was back in May 2017. An environmental group that I follow on Facebook was passing on the Forest Research Institute’s announcement. That was how I heard about the closure...

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