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Despite being the nearest ‘Western’ country to Malaysia, it took me until nearly mid-life to visit Australia (not counting a short work visit). Many Malaysians have acquired a kind of affinity to Australia, due to study opportunities which were more affordable than traditional bastions in the UK. But my affinity had always been to the UK, reinforced by my postgraduate study.

By the time I considered Australia, a friend-turned-colleague had already moved to work in Sydney. So my visits to Australia began from a trip to visit her, and the theme had continued since. I usually choose to transit in Australia on the way to and back from the South Pacific, taking the opportunity to visit with friends scattered across major Australian cities.

Consequently, my Australia stories tend to be focused, specific, and not solo. For I have many homes in this country.

'Beauty' poem on mindful travel blog Teja on the Horizon | Aida performance at Sydney bay | Female beauty 6

Her Beauty Blooms!

It doesn’t matter what she looks like.  Nor her plumes  Not her shape, nor even her size.  Her age irrelevant her skin unrealised When she looks eye to eye and speaks her beauty blooms! For...

'Bushwalking the Cliffside Trails in Katoomba' travel story on mindful travel blog Teja on the Horizon | View of the sandstone cliffs | Katoomba hiking | Blue Mountains bushwalking | Australia 19

Bushwalking the Cliffside Trails in Katoomba

My friend and I did some bushwalking when we were in the Blue Mountains. (Because you can’t go to the outdoors in Australia and not go bushwalking!) So we looked up the cliffside trails in Katoomba, reviewing the tremendously well-organised...

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