Category: French Polynesia

Normally I write the category description after I finish writing about the place. But I’m making an exception for French Polynesia.
Consistent with my slow travel style which yielded the unique stories about all the other places I’ve written about on this blog, I try to acknowledge indigenous names for colonised locations. I don’t make any commentary; I just recognise it. I am, after all, Malaysian. We were once colonised.
However, one day after I added ‘Maohi Nui’ to this category, not replacing but merely side by side with ‘French Polynesia’, the whole category was mysteriously deleted from my website.
Now, I didn’t learn the name Maohi Nui from when I was in French Polynesia itself. I learned it from UN documents, used by indigenous representatives. If this is not the correct name, and I’ve made a mistake, there’s a Contact form and you can correct me.
I’ve written about other contentious locations. I frequently use Rapa Nui instead of Easter Island. I have even written about Kashmir. I don’t write to divide; I write to show you how to find new connections. Judge for yourself why it is so controversial to merely draw cultural connections between indigenous French Polynesia and a non-Western people outside of the Pacific. Think about it.