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There are many ways you can slice and dice the world. ‘Geography’ sounds like it ought to be a precise subject, but it is not.

I learned about our world through science, human history, sociology, politics, as well as literature – whether written or coded in culture. So in my head, I do not always classify stories using its present day country boundaries.

Sometimes it is the ecological boundaries that matter. For instance, ‘Atacama desert’ is its own geography, despite being classed under ‘Chile’. The people who have their ethnic history grown from there, are distinct for it. Similarly, sometimes it is the language boundaries that matter, or a common religious history. And sometimes, it is the country boundaries of hundreds of years ago, that matter.

Today’s national boundaries are often too young, and too superficial, to be relevant to a story.

Indeed, most of us living in a state government paradigm – especially the urbanites – can’t imagine a world where this demarcation did not exist.

But, rural areas at the edges of administration still can. In many places of the world they still live in the rhythms of life passed down from thousands of years ago, governed mainly by the limits set by nature and not man. What does it matter to someone living in the jungles of Borneo, if he is crossing from ‘Malaysia’ to ‘Indonesia’ along the highland paths his ancestors crossed as part of his same jungle country?

I mean, do I need a visa or what

:) Ah, yes. Political entity. So you’d know which state governs the systems and logistics of the location.

Yes. So I categorise the content on this webpage by ‘country’ – as in, political entities.

We have made you into nations and tribes so that you might come to know one another.


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