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'Heaven Is Not What I Did Yesterday' article on travel blog Teja on the Horizon | heaven's eye sunset at Dhigurah island, Maldives

Teja on the Horizon is not just my travel blog. We are living in a time when mankind faces numerous global challenges. Together with its other channels, it is my platform to advocate for sustainability and our world.

Teja’s Twitter Feed

My newest social media channel is my Twitter account. I chose to use my real name instead of my pen name, because here I tweet about both my travel writing & sustainability interests, as well as my more professional environmental science topics. It is a fuller version of my public self.

If you’re Gen X or older, my Twitter is basically me reading the newspaper in the morning, and handing over interesting pages to you across the breakfast table. It is the most real-time of all my channels.

That said, I do set aside some days for specific content. On the weekend I tend to share travel articles, and on weekdays I tend to tweet about science and sustainability.

When oil prices rise because of supply bottlenecks, we should learn to demand the govt transition us faster to alternatives, instead of demanding them to lower it back down. This would habituate us to prepare to adopt that alternative. #MindsetChange https://www.reuters.com/markets/commodities/no-shock-awe-after-us-led-emergency-oil-release-kemp-2021-11-24/

Yesterday in a virtual employee social event themed to celebrate our culture, the emcee said that the rafflesia is named after Stamford Raffles, the Englishman who found it. Reflexively I typed a correction in the chat; that he just described it, as we locals already found it.

Yes, and that’s because the 20th century focused heavily on reducing human suffering, with atheistic industrialised countries defining the purpose of humanity itself is to eliminate it. Hence medical achievements that reduced mortality & lengthened life, and economic growth.

Roadkill Wallaby Reef Foundation 🌎💦🌴🦘🐨🦅🦇🐬@Karmageddon67

@jasonhickel The destruction of nonhuman beings is caused almost totally by population & economic growth.

Teja’s Facebook Page

@Teja.on.the.Horizon shares content about destinations – natural and built, science and art – and represents travel in terms of geography, curiosity, and education rather than merely tourism. I also share practical inspiration about sustainability endeavours, and how we can take active part in the ones that resonate with us. This is a travel Page for travellers who are curious about the world and its people.

The themes are fairly regular:

#MondayInspiration – about things you can do
#TravelTuesday – about taking a trip
#WanderWednesday – about places
#ThursdayTales – about people
#TejaSunday – a sunset or a sunrise (for why, see here), and my blogging updates

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Teja’s Instagram

I took a long time to work out how to use Instagram in a way that felt authentic to me. I know that the image of the female traveller is often 2-dimensional, and completely unrepresentative of myself in almost every way. Furthermore, the constant encouragement to travel, as if it were an entitlement and irrespective of the impacts to the destination, is opposed to my blog’s sustainability ethos.

Not to mention the fact that a purely visual media often encourages you to judge quickly, without reflecting. This is again contrary to the sustainable travel message I advocate.

But I soon realised that I had a cache of travel images that I took because my quirky sense of humour found them amusing. And there were more, which I found poignant in some way. Or that reminded me of knowledge concepts I had learned, but do not often see examples of.

Sure, it would not be an account with thousands of followers. I would, after all, be asking my followers to look twice at the image, become curious enough to read. I may not be a good enough photographer to hook that initial attention. It would be geared to my sometimes strange and offbeat way of thinking. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea.

But it was a part of me that didn’t really have an existing channel of expression, other than directly with family and friends. Yet it is this precise, lateral, connected, quirky mind that I credit with my insight, which is so crucial to my work, my storytelling, sustainability, and faith.

And besides, I could keep up such an Instagram account since it would be fun – and have a purpose!

Teja’s Mailing List

What does a subscriber to Teja on the Horizon’s mailing list get, that isn’t already provided on these three main channels?

The reason why I have a mailing list at all, is because I know friends who have little time to be on social media. And that can be you, too!

Sometimes all you want is to know what it’s really like, in a faraway land. You may not want to actually go, yourself. Sometimes you just want to know that in a distant place, others are also trying to do right by the world just like you. You are not alone.

And sometimes, you just like to hear about things that could be possible, if you changed how you thought, or did something differently. It may be just enough to inspire you to try a new mindset. And sometimes… you just love my writing.

So the bimonthly newsletter compiles all content that I produce, whether on this blog or somewhere else, and gives updates for every project that grew out of my travels. I also often explain in the newsletter a bit of backstory for some of my trips, which do not appear anywhere else!